New Oklahoma Workers Comp Law Challenged

Sentate Bill 1062, Scheduled to go into effect 2/1/2014 has been challenged by Rep Emily Virgin, D-Norman, Sen. Harry Coates, R-Seminole, and the Professional firefighters association.  The lawsuit claims the bill is unconstitutional.  The hearing could be before the middle of November and will be defended by the Oklahoma Attorney General's office.

Currently 8 of the 9 justices on the State Supreme court were appointed by past Democratic Governors and they have overturned workers comp and tort reforms in the past.  

The court could overturn the entire law and send it back to the legislature or overturn parts of the law they deem unconstitutional.   

Since 12.7 percent of the latest workers compensation rate decrease of 14.6 percent, set to go into place 1/1/2014 was because of Senate bill 1062, this could cause rates to increase or rate decrease to be revised.  

This could be the only challenge to the entire bill, but challenges to individual parts could challenged later. 

We will keep you update as things progresses. 


Chris Moxley

Chris began his career at a Norman insurance agency in 1988 serving as a Branch Manager for 3 years. He joined Professional Insurors in 1995 as a Producer and became Vice-President in 2004, where he overseas human resources and agency operations & technology as well as continuing to manage his client accounts and grow the business. The Agency works with a variety of accounts and Chris specializes in Workers Compensation Risk Management and Insurance. He has worked in Insurance for over 20 years and besides Workers Compensation he has specialized training and experience in the fields of Construction Risk Management and Risk Transfer, Property Management, & Manufacturing.